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Kids Beds

Kids Beds
When choosing furniture for the kids and particularly when choosing kids and children's beds you want quality and durability. Let's face it; it is no small operation when we have to change beds and when changing kid's beds the time taken doubles. When you lift the old bed only to find 101 things that your child had claimed they'd lost a month or two back, you then have transport the old bed to the dump. The last thing you want from your new children's bed or beds is for them to break, so be wise and choose a solid, durable kid's bed.

With so many space saving designs for children's beds it can be a daunting prospect choosing the right one for you. A good idea is to write a list of things you want from your new children's bed. Is your child's bedroom small, do you have more than one child using the bedroom? There is a wide variety of children's beds that come complete with storage so if you do not have room for a large wardrobe or chest of drawers consider a bed with under bed storage. The two most common forms of under bed storage are separate drawers or a sliding door with storage space under the mattress base.

If it is the case that you have 2 or more children consider bunk beds as these allow for more floor space in your child's room, a good idea even if you have one child as we all know they like their mates to stay over. Another option is to go for the sliding spare bed, this is a really useful idea for children's beds, one bed neatly slides under the other bed when it isn't required again giving valuable space when and as it is needed.