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Guest Beds

Guest Beds
When choosing a bed for a Guests bedroom a number of factors must be taken into account. One of the first things to consider and take into consideration is the size of the bedroom. In many cases the Guest bedroom is usually smaller than many other bedrooms in the household. This will then decide to a certain degree the size of the bed that can be accommodated. If you choose a bed that is too wide and does not give any room each side of the bed, then it will not only make it difficult to change the bedclothes, but also to adequately clean around and under the bed. When choosing a bed for the Guest bedroom it is important to have access to the bed from the side of the bed, if the bed is too large it would mean climbing over the bed which is not very welcoming. It is also better if there is space beside the Head of the bed so that a bedside cabinet or table can be incorporated. Many people like to have a bedside light that they can switch off or on whilst in bed. Also many people like to have a glass of water beside the bed in case they wake up in the night thirsty.

Another factor in choosing a bed for the Guest room knows the type of Guest you usually have to stay. If it is only single people you have staying overnight, then a single bed would be appropriate. Even with a single bed it is always best to try and choose a bed as big as possible. A 3ft. single bed is much better than a 2ft. 6" bed. Again this will depend on the size of the bedroom. If you hope to have couples staying with you then you will have to provide a double bed or two single beds. Two single beds will take up a lot more room than a double bed and therefore the size of the bedroom again will play a major part in deciding if two beds can fit comfortably.