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Free Standing Bedroom Furniture

FREE STANDING BEDROOM FURNITURE. Bedside cabinets, chest of drawers and wardrobes are the staple necessities of any bedroom and we have the best priced options available. Solid oak, painted and gloss are our most popular bedroom furniture collections. However darker finishes are becoming more popular, especially teak and mahogany effects. We also display a wide range of cheaper assembled bedroom furniture suitable for guest bedrooms. If you choose your bedroom furniture with care, you may find that, as well as providing you with storage space, it helps to create an atmosphere of serenity that will aid your sleeping patterns. Generally, bedroom furniture is available in sets, so you can make sure that they all match each other. For something solid, strong and beautiful, oak is widely regarded as a good investment. It is generally more expensive than pine, though cheaper than mahogany. Oak bedroom furniture, however, can be relied upon to be durable and long-lasting, so you might decide that it is worth the extra expense. It can also have a heavier look than pine or beech, which may suit people who want their bedroom furniture to make a statement in the room. Higher end bedroom ranges feature dovetail joints and come in a lacquered finish. This upgrades both the functionality and the appearance of the furniture.